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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. >> very good to have you with with us here. live from london. let's take a look at some of the stories we are covering there the next 60 minutes. the three men suspected of being behind two separate attacks in the belgium capitol killing 34 people. the picture is shown the man on the right still at large. isil says it was behind the tacks two explosions here. at the main airport, in the
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aftermath of another explosion at the station, that is on the metro underground network. >> i heard an explosion, and all the ceilings were going down, and i then i just go under the sink. and then the second explosion went, and everything is black. >> the belgium prime minister is asking for calm and solidarity, and that there will be three days of mourning. well, these are the scenes behind me of what has taken place in the last 12 hours in belgium's catch toll. the islamic state saying that it was behind the separate attacks in brussells that have brought 36 people dead, what do we with know? well, there were with deaths in two locations.
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and one at and airport one downtown. the first attack was at breast sells main airport. two explosions there killing 14 people an hour later an explosion on a commuter train at least 20 people were killed more than 100 people have been hurt in this. thes is attacks well we believe the explosions at the airport were suicide attacks. the first target 8:15 local time. at least some of them saying gunshots were heard. a third device was found and destroyed by bomb explosive experts. in about 30 minutes away, if you were with traveling by train, this explosion on a commuter train, central brussells. about 100 meters only from
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the european par lit. that is where the alleged organizer of the paris attacks was shot and arrested by police on friday. these are the primary suspects. the picture taken by security video at the airport. two on the left, the men in black, interestingly just wearing one with glove each. believed to be suicide bombers from the airport attack. the suggestion is perhaps they were holding detonators within their gloved hand. the man on the right, being sought by police, and the federal prosecutor has said that he, the man in the hat and the jacket, was seen running from the airport. now in a moment, pretty close to where that explosion was
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international airport, for brussells, paul brennen, who is down close to the metro station. being lifted slightly we understand in just a moment but first, let's hear from lee barker on the day's events so far. >> the immediate shock after the attack. a haze of confusion and chaos. >> and the realization of what just happened. >> no, no, no. >> once again, the routine of people's lives of making every day journeys shattering. and the dash to escape the danger inside.
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i feel like it is the end of the world. i heard an explosion, and all of the ceilings are going down, and then i just go under the sink and them the second explosion, and then everything is black. across the city, another attack? the metro station. men, women, and children, escaping as quickly as they could. the injured treated on the pavement. the army keeping guard. the shock felt everywhere. the ever gent shut down of the transport system was ordered and the possibility of further attacks an immediate concern, one rescue organization appealed for people to stay where they were the federal prosecutor has now confirmed that this is the image of three
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suspects that authorities say are behind the deadly blasts. >> the shock waves of this apparently coordinated attack have already rippled across the airport. now the grim task of identifying those killed begins. >> just months a f the last major attack in europe fears of another strike in public places has been realized. >> let's go to the airport, lee barker is still there, we have seen the picture now, of the three men, two in black one with in white, or in the light colored jacket what are federal prosecutors saying about them now? >> well, they have made an official statement saying that these are the prime suspects in the double bombing here and they believe
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that the two men on the left of that picture may have been the men responsible for carrying out the suicide attacks although so far only one suicide attack has been confirmed although we know there were two blasts. according to meet analysis, the suggestion is because they were wearing gloves on their left hands just of course on one with hand only, that that was deliberately designed to possibly hide a detonation device officials are are now having concerned about the wraps of the man in the hat on the other side of that picture. he, according to officials is uncan'ted for, there are questions about whether he may have even fled the scene. over the course of the day it became apparent an explosive device of some kind had been found at the airport, been described in some as a bomb,
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and other media outlets as a suicide vest. that has now been disposed of by teams. there has been movement here in the last hour or so, the special military bomb disposal team responsible for disarming that earlier device, have been called back to the airport. because of reports of a suspicious item. we don't know whether that was with inside the airport, or outside the airport. and i believe they have just driven past us. but there are, of course, some concerns about that particular item. there may be more explosive dangerous items still in the airport, that could have caused imimmediate on the on going investigation. >> and suggestions of gunfire? and weapons found there after the explosions? >> yes, that's right. as well as the third explosive device that was found have also been reported
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at least one rifle has been found in the departure terminal. those have been confirmed on -- from various sources and officials and it does seem to also confirm what we were hearing earlier on in the day from eyewitnesses. several people we spoke to said they heard gunfire on top of the large blasts that took place early in the morning. >> thank you, that's lee barker at the airport. this is where the first two explosions were. and shortly after 8:00 o'clock it was and i believe about an hour later we will get this confirmed, about an hour later wasn't it that the metro station that this device went off inside a carriage, inside a tunnel? >> yes. it is about 300-meters from the european union
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headquarters the european commission headquarters. just around 9:00 o'clock, and it appears that what happened was the train was with pulling out heading to the next stop, and just as it entered the tunnel the explosion happened. i have seen pictures of the wreckage, the damage carriage, and the damage is cap catastrophic, it has been completely obliterated. a massive explosion, no doubt why the number of casualties took place at that was so high. the mayor of brussells said around 20 and in excess of 100 people are injured. what we have seen in the last half an hour, after we have been told that the platform has been evacuated was a fleet of seven ambulances, go into the area, and we can
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only presume that that is to take away the remains of the victims, the fateful victims from this morn's terrible bomb attack the police operations are clearly on going, we know there are house searches and various raids not just here, but elsewhere in bell just as well, the authorities are urging the media not to give specific locations for security reasons. we are expecting a news conference from the federal prosecutor, based here in brussells in the next hour, i think, he is going to be attending the national security council and then give a news conference afterwards. we are hoping for more details as to the police operation, and also the man hunt which is clearly underway nor that third suspect that was with pictured on the t.v. at the airport. >> okay, we with may be hearing more. the federal prosecutor buzz he was sitting alongside the prime minister not so long
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ago, talking about the fact that it was the third man that they were still trying to find this man who has been seen running away from the airport. we have seen him there, having had two men in black two his right. to the left as we look there, so this is the man they are trying to find. three days of mourning by tomorrow morning, will the metro be open again? will people be able to get around? there there be increased security? what is your guess? >> my guess is that -- i will tell you one thing, the metro line which runs through is not going to be open. that is going to be used for forensic examination for many days to expect, i would expect, and then once the police are finished with the examination of the area, there's going to have to be reare pair of the actual
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infrastructure damage that has been caused by this. so the main line that runs along basically under my feet, under this road that i am standing on that won't be open for a couple of weeks i wouldn't think. elsewhere, in brussells well i can go from the experience of last no. when i was here, in that brussells lock down, in the wake of the paris attacks, and the metro was with closed i think three or four days other parts of the paragraph quickly got back up and running, it was the underground that was felt to be most vulnerable, so they kept that shut, but the taxis and buss they were all running throughout the supposed lock down period. the reality is people will try to go about their normal business, they are still cooperations still have to do business, so although three days of mourning i think the transport infrastructure will start to get back to normal within one or two days. >> okay, i just want to put this one with to you, it is about 30 minutes from the
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airport to where you are, to this station. and one of the members seen running away from the airport, it is quite possible, is there that he could have got there in time is there a story that perhaps he was the man that december nateed the bomb on the metro? >> it is no more than rumors but it is certainly plausible the time would fit, we don't know who it was or whether it was an attacker or attackers who are responsible for the attack at the metro station, so it is entirely plausible that it could be the third attacker left his two at the airport, and then made his way here. and detonated a device underground at that metro train was entering the tunnel that said, we have seen presence sick officers here, dressed in their white suits they have nonreleased any of the details they have found,
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any of the presence sick evidence, and we with don't yet know whether the is one attacker or more involved in this attack. >> absolutely. >> so all that will. co out, but it is plausible. >> this is the reason i mention it, the reason i mention sit cause either you are looking at the three people we have already seen on screen, or there are others involved in these attacks of two separate locations within brussells. there has been a national security meeting, news on that. letters have been taken to progressively reopen public transport. and to deplete extra means for security. to make sure we have the right level of security. there's a threat level out of the ordinary from 3 to 4, all of us many the population are living in very difficult times.
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let's bring in justin crump. security expert, with us for some time, what are your thoughts in i know you have been in touch with a few people. and one gain, one picture at the airport, with with one with people coming downtown, or separate groups carrying out these attacks in separate locations? >> as we said there, there's a few possibility hypotheses, the bare minimum is probably the third person at the airport was the third attacker. and therefore, everything is accounted for. i think the lesson from paris, is these networks much bigger than we initially expected. indeed the ability to hide, and indeed over the last four months show there was a lot of help that he was receiving, and again a number of additional wanted people being developed and this large community of syrian in bell jump shows there's a lot of connections here. i think there are other people involved. >> let's remind people that
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are watching this, that the man mentioned believed to be behind the paris attacked was captures a few days ago, he was shot and wounded and the suggestion was with that he was talking and perhaps giving away information, about the terror network, or the cell within which he was working which made them perhaps bring forward the plans. >> that's my gut feeling. i don't think the timing is a coincidence. we with have seen a number of awrests where people are are involved in attacks and there's been a suspension, and certainly since the initial raids in belgium over a week ago now, that something was h the works. again, they were conducting these raids finding weapon withs and explosives made already. and in the widest sense, across europe, a clash on the black market which shows you these weapons getting into
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europe, obviously supply and demand, we believe through the bar kins so there's interesting trends going on, that show how easy it is. >> so it would be no trouble to get aheld of because there are too many of them? same with explosives? >> eggs plows is or more of a condition, successful bomb making is not something you do as a hobby. other things going around on the internet, have gone around on the internet, some of those rest are peas are wrong, some of the guidance is wrong so successful bomb making as we with have seen is a rare thing, it does seem to be tatp. >> say what that is? >> it is a highly volatile high explosive fairly short life, and it is not something you want to be carrying around. >> quite likely to have been asemid quite recently, because it has a short self-life. >> reare cently and locally. >> would you have put this as
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being our team now reporting this back to us, that there were with nails involved inside the. bos? >> that would be entirely in keeping. we with saw that in paris as well with. all of this designed to cause maximum casualties. with however secure, we are talking about airport security earlier, however secure you make somewhere, you push the perimeter fourther and further out. there will always be people that will make a target we are talking about the arrests of the man believes to have been behind them, this week. i mean that's a gap of perhaps four months. one area, where they knew that a lot of people of this nature were gathered. why could they not find him and his accomplices sooner? >> i this i the support
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networks. the lack of real incite. into these cells. we knew where he was, because he was talking about it on skype. now of course you can -- at a time when we reported that people put that down as miss information, but it does appear that he was holed up the entire time. you know it is -- obviously strong loyalty in the these net works that he was able to use to move and remain hidle, i don't think we have seen clear shots of what he looks like, we have seen shots of him on the floor so he could have changed his appearance clearly a strong network. >> let's not get ahead ourselves because the belgium prosecutor is saying it is too early to make links with the paris attacks but given the fact that they say they have now found them isil flag at an address in brussells and that islam was taken we are just -- following up of
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course has been layed out for us in many ways. >> sure. >> not definish yet. >> of course. >> we have been hearing from the belgium king, within the last few minutes about the attacks, at two separate locations in belgium, and the death of at least 34 people. >> today our country is in mourning. for all of us it will be a day like no other. lives have been broken and deep wounds have suffered our country. the queen and i share your pain. you have lost something close to you and have been injured. we thank and support the security and medical personnel and the volunteer whose have offered assistance, faced with this threat, we will continue to respond together with firmness, calmness and dignity. let us keep confidence in ourselves. >> king fa legal of belgium talking there addressing his
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peel after a terrible day for his country, and his country men and women. as is pretty normal these days people have been on social media, expressing what they say is their solidarity with the victims of the attacks. this twitter post show as belgium flag with the #pray for belgium. it has been shared thousands of times. people have been sharing two images of the cartoon character. here he is crying along with his dog and they say belgium is crying for his children. and that's the official twitter account of the french capitol paris where 130 dies in the attack last november, the accounts profile picture displayed a belgium flag and says it will be lit up on tuesday. foreign leaders quick to condemn what happened saying it is an atook on the whole of europe security has been stepped up at a number of locations in response.
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>> the shock waves of events in brussells have spread far and wide. in britain where until recently the peace rally carried guns they deployed armed and in greater numbers of airports and railway stations. the british gov held an emergency security meeting. >> to make sure we are doing everything we can, and there will be increased present, support, underground stations, international railway stations as you would expect. >> the british authorities are not complacent, but they do enjoy some advantages over countries on the european mainland what we have seen in prance, and in bell jump, are probably a new phase of terrorism. where we have able to travel very quickly, and easily across countries. they have far more access to firearms. trance has many many firearms, we don't have that problem in the u.k. so much.
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here too there was heightened security. >> terrorism has hit belgium but europe was targeted. we need to realize the extent and gravity of these threats. these attacks follow others, paris was particularly targeted last year. in the month of january, and in the month of november. on the tonight innocent i am thinking of africa, but we are facing a global threat, which demands a global response. it aepeers to clear that the attacks indicate that this terrorist attack was not just against bejuly, it is against our freedom, our freedom of movement, and against everyone that is a part of the e.u.
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>> other governments express concern. >> is is this the new normal. and then there are the political effects to europe's already waivers commitment to open orders and to the treatment of migrants and refugees. the consequences of today's events in brussells, will be felt across europe for a long time to come. barnabie phillips al jazeera. mentioned earlier the french said they would illuminate the tower in the colors of the belgium flag. as we are are hearing reports forecast by a number of news
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outlets one of them the associated press. that not only a nail bomb, and we did mention a nail bomb earlier on, and an isis flag have been discovered but chemicals have also been found in the search, in either of the airport, or the scene of the other explosion, or perhapses in the search of the house, we have no more details than that. we are trying to establish the threat about that pretty soon for you. not just europe, as we look at that picture, paris is twilight descends. it is not just europe, new york city. well, they have -- the police there have stepped up their presence at many of the cities west known landmarks. the authorities saying while there's no evidence of specific threats to the u.s., why not take extra precautions. the national guard has been rolled out to police presence in new york, los angeles, and chicago.
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allen fisher my colleague who is in washington, d.c. they will obviously give them any help and assistance, and the first for instance, perhaps the biggest road we are going to see develop from h is the comments made by ted cruz, the republican candidate, they are just a few hours ago, the texas senator said that perhaps it was time to empower law enforcement to patrol muslim areas. that will concern many people in h the muslim community, across the united states. that they are now blog attached to this attack. apparently sanders has within the last hour says this shows the international need to combat isis. while some republican senators have said that the obama administration has had a long time to deal with the
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threat of isis, and yet still does not have a timetable and has to do something about it. people are waiting hear what the president himself would have to say. he is in cuba at the moment. he was due to speak to a group of cuban residents but before he got into his speech there, he addressed the question of what was happening in brussells attacks sells and the impact it had on the belgium people. >> this is yet another reare mind tear the world must unite. we must be together are e. >> we can and we will defeat those that threat. safety and security of people all around the world. >> in reality, allen, i know obama has been on the phone to the belgium prime minister saying all good stuff that he was mentioned this. but in reality, what can the u.s. actually do?
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is it a matter of sharing intelligence. >> with they perhaps gaps in their knowledge or expertise here, and if the americans can fill any of those gaps if the fbi can be employed. if there is anyway that the surveillance system which is well known in the united states employed can be expanded and used. clearly what we are seeing at airports and railway stations across the united states, is action taken out to use the well worn phrase, an abundance of caution. but every time this' an attack in europe, there is an evens here in the united states. people begin to feel less safe. people begin to wonder if the attacks are coming their way. and of course when that happens they start to listen to the politician who warn that the world is on fire, or is about to end, and all the question of doom and good morning. and so it would be wrong to
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suggest. >> just because this is in belgium, is there words of support that this doesn't have an impact in the united states. >> it does have an impact here and also elsewhere in the world. >> thank you. >> allen fisher reporting this hive. the coverage of these events will continue in just a moment, that's after this short break here, good to have you with us. >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested.
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>> these people have decided that today they will be hohes w'oiithongestc ?estcese people have decided that today they will be arrested. .thlais hotas hkeca hyson' at' y llseg ca hke cwistomin biness te fid , p cth bou
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e.juais hotas hkeca hyson' at' y ddstus azetomid ag y wiourofia'r eie esr a adylr - onheesev .or upde .- 'restn i, w c elanowp r ynebuss. u 'doe t eth dveryay oding uc pwiwiro fi hthatelroui else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. >> from rural midwest to war-torn mideast.
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she went for the money and found a greater calling... jazeera news hour.e al these are the global headlines this hour. belgium prosecutors say these three are the main suspects behind the attacks in brussells that killed 34 people. two on the left in black, are heaved to be suicide bombers. they detonated themselves and their devices at the airport. the third man, the one on the right is said to have been running away from the scene and is being sought by
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police. it was says isil it's work. two bombs went off in the departure hall, 14 people died more than 100 hurt, and the third device there found an unexploded bomb that was safely detonated by authorities. and come to this place. the station, very chose to the european union headquarters an explosion onboard the commuter train and 20 plus people killed 130 injured. and many of those serious hi hurt this reports that a nail bomb perhaps was used at the airport, and the chemicals that have been found in a raid in brussells. let's go the airport and my colleague bring us up to date have given the idea of
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what had happened today, but in the last hour or to, we have had a couple of press conferences what is the latest? >> yes, the night fall the mass murder, but more and more information is being made public about the investigation. long ago the airport was evacuated now it's down to the specialist, to pour over a wealth of evidence that may unhock some more chews about who carried out this attack, but of course open more doors when it comes to understanding where possible future attacks may lie. over the last few hours we have been hearing from the chief executive of the airport, who is talked about the practical implications that this attackers had on the airport, and it said -- he said that the airport would be chosed until at least thursday. at the very earliest, these 200 nights have been rerouted, we did, however,
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about an hour ago, see a plane take off. a singaporeans plane, however we bath tear that plane was empty, it was just merely being redirected to another airport for passengers to travel from there instead of prust sells international airport. more developments too about the discovery of a third explosive device, described in some outlets as a suicide vest. >> in ore media outlets as a bomb. that was detonated a short while ago, but the entire area remains on lock down as investigators go about their work. >> thank you. this at the airport we find paul brennen more deadly than
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the airport. >> the estimate is that around 20 people died in h the explosion, which happened underdrowned as a metro train was just leaving the station. heading from the that direction under the road that i am standing on to the next stop which would have been shoeman. which is right in the heart of the european union administration. it is inevitable that many many of the victims would have been diplomates and people from all around because the offices have people from all around europe working in them. the mayor of brussells said 20 people have died, what we have seen in the last hour is seven ambulances, private plaqued out ambulances, hearses essentially, arrived to take away the bodies from that location. the metro station. as you know further activity, you can see forensic offices moving around the entrance to the station. a lot of miss work still to be done, but the possibility
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thing is not to miss any clues that may lead the police to apprehend the people that carried this out. >> i think we have pictures perhaps clearer pictures which we can put on screen now for the first time here on al jazeera for our viewers. of the suspects, well this is the man that the police say is still at large, in fact, we have shown that picture before. so this is not the first time that we have seen that one, let's come back to you paul, just reminding ourselves that this is the man seen with the two men heaved to be the suicide bombers. brussells tomorrow morning, a lot of people trying to get around, how difficult is it doing to be? >> i think it is going to be extremely difficult. i would be very surprised if major corporations the ever the european union, if nato which also had headquarters here didn't advice people to stay at home if they can.
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this an eerie quiet, this is a major four lane highway, the only vehicles that are passing up and down are as i say the hearses which are taking the bodies away and the police and army trucks. it is all law enforcement here. the people who are trapped in their office buildings for several hours during the course of the day have slowly struggled out of the city center, and trying to make their way home. and, of course, the metro system itself is going to be severely effected by this. the line which was hit by the explosion well that won't open i expect for a couple of weeks as a results just not on the presence sick examination, but also the infrastructure repair which is are going to have now take place there. and other parts of the transport network, will probably get up and running again i would expect within a couple of days, buss, trams for example, taxis, they h probably all start to run
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within a couple of days, put this is three days of mourning as you know that have been dechaired by the belgium prime minister. i think that will basic hi create a state where everybody stays at home, stays away, and considered what has upon on, the tragedy which chaz happened here. which has. >> we will be back with you later on, paul brennen this in brussells. the u.n. special envoy says what has happened in brussells has put greaser focus on the need for the resident hughes in the syrian conflict. >> we want to remember with sadness, and also with horror and outrage, what has been happening in both istanbul, and recognized by daesh, and at this time by the same group of terrorists in brussells. the message we are drawing out of it, we need to
2:41 pm
extinguish the fire of war in syria. we need to find a mill solution. we need a political transition in syria in order to be able to make sure that we can all concentrate and the syrians can all together concentrate on what is the real danger of everyone. in europe, in the world, in syria, and elsewhere. >> stefan the u.n. special envoy on syria, trying to hold together those peace talks. or at least cease fire talks in geneva. and another interesting party, perhaps turkey the president's president and prime minister condemning as you would expect what happened in brussells. he is in the turkish close to the border syria. >> the president has described the attacks in brussells as a heinous crime, and he said that there were no differences between terror
2:42 pm
organizations with they were kurdish militants attacking the turkish capitol, or the attackers in brussells. so he is trying to sebasicly, that turkey as well as europe are under a campaign of terrorism by kurdish militants as well as other groups. perhaps including isil. and another reaion coming from turkey's prime minister saying that turkey stands with the belgium government, as well as the belgium people. he also said that global terrorism has showed it's face again. then this played into the hands of the turkish government, because turkey is saying that it is a victim of a terror campaign, of isil as well as the p.k.k., the kurdistan workers. >> we will take a look at
2:43 pm
what is happening there, we have been to the united states to say what they process they can do. let's bring in h the united services institute, and talk about the bigger picture here, with isil, isil says it is behind these attacks, three separate ex-motions these h. >> how well organized is the group now? because we had heard stories that it has been sightly degraded in order not quite as effect it as it might have been in the past? >> you mean the group daesh? >> within urine. >> there is no single group. there are a lot of cells. >> or just independently of the cell that acing thats paris. the point is that this
2:44 pm
several groups of people. getting ex-most is together, and it is notate by difficult thing to do to try and come up with an attack plan to go into a crowded place. whether it is the metro, or an airport, and go and kill innocent people. quite frankly, it doesn't take a huge amount of intelligence, and organization to do that. >> they pretty much knew where he was, didn't they? he was in this area of brussells, and they took him four hours to find him, four hours to find him and then perhaps find the heed that took them to two other people. and while this is being researched, they were planning another attack, why is this so difficult to get hold of people if you know what they are planning to do and you know pretty much where they are? >> well, they knew the area. but unless, of course, they go and do a house to house search, it is not very convenient, and one thing we must accept and understand,
2:45 pm
is that one of the things these people want us to do is give out the western liberal democratic freedoms. so that police can go into search any house, and stop anybody they like. cheerily that's not something. >> so this is an area where you would get no answers. >> i am not sure that's the case. there is suggestions that some of the local community knew stuff, and allegations i don't know how true those are, but obviously there will be some people that might support these people, some people out of fear don't want to talk to the miss. these are areas that i am jury the belgium government will be looking at to see if they could have improved community cooperation. but if somebody goes underground, in even a small area, unless you search every room of every house, you won't necessarily find them. >> it's been suggested that that there needs to be greater sharing of intelligence, between
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european downs. that sort of begs the question, isn't it already happening and if not to what extent does it need to change? >> nobody would argue we need to share intelligence. i don't know whether there is an instant in this particular case, of a look of sharing of intelligence. these are -- analysts will come along and suggest that might have been the case. i don't know that we have any evidence of that. if that is the case, then somebody should do something about it, and i would expect the belgium government to do something about it. i would expect the other countries with it is the u.k., france, or any other country that have intelligence that would have helped them to come forward, and disthene about suring up the links. because cheerily, it's unforgiveness to have intelligence that could have saved lives and not share it. >> and he survived, and those who died in the attacks in paris, fell backwards and forwards to syria.
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where we don't know much about the people whose pictures have been put out in the last 12 hours. do you think there's been an increase or decrease of the people coming from syria, either into europe for the first time, or back to europe, whether the authorities are getting a grip on this movement of people? >> as far as we can tell, and of course this is not easy to measure. the impression that i have is that know of people mar think through turkey has reduced. turkey has done a great deal ahonk the boarder, and at airports and other ports of i have to reduke to check the number of people going in and out. i was in the turkey a few days ago, and the checks on the border both in the u.k., and in turkey, are quite strict. so i think we can assume that
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know probably still exists but it is harder and smaller for people to go through. >> thank you very much. from the royal united services institute. we will leave it there in terms of what has been happening in brussells and in the wider extent what is happening regarding isil across europe. this is berlin. solidarity with the belgium people. the flag being posted this. we saw it earlier in paris now in the center of germany. after the deaths of we understand 34 people, and separate attacks after the airport and on the metro in brussells earlier today. back with more news from around the world in just a moment.
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top stories.un down on the belgium prosecutors say the men you see on your screen, these three are the main suspects behind attacks in brussells that left 34 dead. two on the left in blank, are thought on suicide bomber whose attacked the airport. a third man seen running away from the airport is still being sought by authorities. isil says it was behind the attacks. two from the airport 14 dead there. more than 100 hurt, a third twice found at the airport safely detonated. before it ex-moded and about
2:51 pm
an hour hater this was during morning rush hour, third bomb at the station. in the center of brussells very close to european union headquarters and european par him. at least 20 dead, miss say many people seriously injured. in that ex-motion european union head of foreign policy, she appears to be overcome we motion, as she reacted to news of the attacks. she is in jordan. >> the message that is coming from aman, constantly, and consistly of an islam that is anis ham of peace, and cooperation, is what we need. here in the region and in europe. and a stop here he will understand this, today is a difficult day. >> thank you very much, thank you for your kind words thank
2:52 pm
you for your strong message of support. we stand with you today and our friends in europe. and with all peace loving nations and -- >> i am sorry. >> that was the european union head of foreign policy in jordan, with the jordanian foreign minister. on other matters it's been suggested that if they could detonate explosive devices within the airport itself, the airport is not safe at all and i spoke the aviation security analyst, he says there are ways of safety at airports can actually be improved. >> what we need to do as security is take a step back
2:53 pm
and see the airport as a whole, and recognize that certain types of security happen after and at the aviation security chien point, and you can put different measures in place in the land side area you have detection officers you can have patrols you have better use of video surveillance there are other measures. dogs is a very good opportunity to use explosive detection capabilities, this' particle detection technology we can use many types of techniques to put new layers on top of the existing security framework. >> that was aviation security expert. and of course our coverage of events will continue, but right now, let's take a look at some other world news out of myanmar, the new government is being named and it does appear that su high will be the most powerful
2:54 pm
minister. reports she will head up four ministries including the president office of foreign affairs. she is constitution nally parred from being president. i think she taking a position in the government mena the government can do much better to develop our country. >> people voted for her because they support her. now the person they support h take a position in the government, people will like that. >> the refugee agency has pulled out it's staff from the greek island and from other greek islands that are being used to detain refugees. they began arresting everybody arrives in boats. they say it is concerned about a hack of safeguards. >> up until now u.n.h.c.r. has been supporting the authorities in those so called hot spots on the islands.
2:55 pm
but under the new provisions these so called hot spots have now become detention facilities. so accordingly, and in line with opposing mandatory detention, we have suspended our activities at all these centers on the island, and this includes the provision of transport, to and from these sites russia has sentence a ukrainian pie hot to 22 years in jail for the killing of two russian journalists russia says she deliberately pommed the journalist covering the conflict. the u.s. marines has accomplished a small military base to help battle isil fighters. they have revealed that only after one of the marines was killed at a rocket attack on saturday.
2:56 pm
about two weeks ago, a small contingent of marines, began moving into position at the newly constructed fire mace. this unit is providing protection for coalition advisors and iraqi forces all of these movements have been done in close coordination with the invitation of the iraqi government. >> and infamous former mayor of toronto, rob ford has died of cancer at the able of 46. best known for being filmed for smoking crack cocaine. he refused to resign but withdrew from the race for kem them by. he survived by a wife and two children. thousands of taxi drivers have been protesting on the streets, they say on line taxi apps such as owner and grab are unfairly
2:57 pm
undercutting their business the attacks on brussells, belgiums have been getting together as best they can and paying their respects to those who lost their lives. these are scenes from the capitol of belgium itself. for more on this the news hour team, thank you for watching. good buy for now.
2:58 pm
>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
2:59 pm
>> pushing the boundaries of science. >> we are on the tipping point. >> we can save species. >> it's the biggest question out there. >> it's a revolutionary approach. >> we are pushing the boundaries. >> techknow is going to blow your mind. >> our experts go inside the innovations, impacting you. >> this is the first time anybody's done this. >> i really feel my life changing. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> at 7:00 - "news roundup". tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclusive story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america. >> the question is, will these dams hold? >> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling.
3:00 pm
at least 34 people are killed in separate bombings in the belgium capital. isil says it was behind the attack there were two explosions in brussels zaventem airport. another explosion on the metro station underground network. and these are the men that the police prosecutors say are behind the attack. security forces are carrying out raids across the country.